Epic aims to bridge the gap with Steam by adding refund policy

Epic aims to bridge the gap with Steam by adding refund policy

The Epic Games Store has adopted a Steam-style 14-day refund policy.

Steam Spy guy turned Epic director of publishing and strategy Sergey Galyonkin posted the announcement through Twitter. There’s a catch - for now, refunds must go through Epic’s support ticket system while the company develops a self-service solution for getting your money back.

This followed news that Epic was improving its support for more payment types. Right now, only some countries include local currencies displayed on the store. Otherwise, users see games listed in USD, with the conversion done from their home currency in the payment process.

Later in the thread, Galyonkin also suggests that user reviews will come to the Epic Store - though developers will choose whether they want to opt-in or not. Given the ever-present threats of review-bombing campaigns on Steam, it’s understandable why some developers would choose to avoid the feature.

Epic is fast positioning itself as a viable competitor to Steam. The Fortnite creator’s store has snagged its first big-name third-party publisher in the form of Ubisoft, which will release The Division 2 on the Epic Store - forgoing Steam.

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