Mod support is coming to - “it’s just matter of how soon”

Mod support is coming to - “it’s just matter of how soon”

Alternative storefront is certain mod support will eventually come to the platform.

Speaking to Eurogamer, managing director Piotr Karwowski explains that new features are simply a matter of developer demand. If creators want a Steam Workshop-like modding interface, then it’ll happen.

“There is plenty of stuff we have planned right now,” said Karwowski. “The thing is, we love to announce those things when we’re ready to show them! Not before. Even with mod support, which I know will come at some point, it’s probably something I shouldn’t have said, but (now) it’s out there and it doesn’t matter.”

When asked if GOG would consider partnering with existing online repository Nexus Mods, global communications head Łukasz Kukawski added: “We are working very closely with Nexus Mods. We are in touch with them, we do some things with them, we highlight some of the mods we feel are useful.”

All that in mind, it’s likely we may say modding functionality come to sooner, rather than later.

During the interview, GoG also responded to a Gamergate-adjacent Postal tweet that landed the site in hot water this summer.

“I understand it might have left a sour taste but the important thing is there was never any intention behind this,” said Karwowski. “I don't want to be the person who says 'I'm ashamed GOG did this' because if someone did it out of ill intentions, on purpose - they knew what this image meant - then that's a completely different story.

“To me, this is a really stupid mistake and that's it. We apologised for it and I think honestly that's OK.”

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