The Overwatch League’s new Washington DC team brings along its first female coach

The Overwatch League’s new Washington DC team brings along its first female coach

Kyoung Ey Molly Kim is set to be the Overwatch League’s first female coach.

The Korean top-player, also known as Avalla, has joined the as-yet-unnamed Washington DC team as an assistant coach. Kim previously held a position as head coach at Frescia Gaming and assistant coach for OpTic Academy and Meta Bellum.

She is joined in Washington DC by fellow OpTic coaching alum Mikael “mkL” Skjønhaug, who has a history of coaching and playing for various European teams.

"They bring international experience and a great work ethic," said Washington DC head coach Hyeong-Seok "WizardHyeong" Kim.

"Together, we're well on our way to building the best coaching staff in the league.

Kim’s inclusion brings a little more diversity to a League that is still overwhelmingly male-dominated. The Overwatch League’s first season had no female coaches and Shanghai’s Se-Yeon "Geguri" Kim was the only woman to play on stage.

That still leaves a lot of room for improvement - but with new teams and their respective lineups still to be fully unveiled, let’s hope the second season of the Overwatch League can do better when it comes to representation.

Washington DC will host one of the eight new teams coming to the Overwatch League in Season Two, alongside cities like Vancouver and Chengdu. That brings the total number of teams for the League up to 20.

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