Roberts defends Star Citizen from pay-to-win accusations

Roberts defends Star Citizen from pay-to-win accusations

More controversy from the world of Star Citizen now as Cloud Imperium co-founder Chris Roberts defends the game from accusations of being pay-to-win.

Last week, the studio announced it was removing its cap on how much in-game currency player scan have from its previous limit of 150,000 United Earth Credits (UEC).

Members of the community pointed out that this could lead to currency manipulation or even mean one user could totally control the economy.

Roberts responded in a post on the game's site.

"Some people are worried that they will be disadvantaged when the game starts for ‘real’ compared to players that have stockpiled ships or UEC," Roberts wrote.

"This has been a debate on the forums since the project started, but this is not a concern for me as I know what the game will be and I know how we’re designing it.

"There will always be some players that have more than others, regardless of whether they’ve spent more or played more, because people start at different times and play at different paces. This is the nature of persistent MMOs. Star Citizen isn’t some race to the top; it’s not like Highlander where “There can only be one!” It is an open-ended Persistent Universe Sandbox that doesn’t have an end game or a specific win-state. We are building it to cater to players of all skill levels, that prefer PvE or PvP, that like to play solo or in a group or a large organization, that want to pursue various professions, some peaceful and some combat orientated. This is the core philosophy of Star Citizen; there isn’t one path, nor is there one way to have fun.

"This may be a foreign concept to gamers as the majority of games are about winning and losing, but Star Citizen isn’t a normal game. It’s a First Person Universe that allows you to live a virtual life in a compelling futuristic setting. You win by having fun, and fun is different things to different people."

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Joe Blobers Project Manager
So in short, should someone be able to negate all of that time requirement with the click of a button?

No because there is still a daily UEC cap .

At current exchange rate... anyone need 3 years and a quarter buying the maximun UEC cap with cash... for one single ship... Not counting the total of cash involved, which would be: 24.000$.

Note: other source on testsquadron give a 6.750M in game equivalent credits for a Polaris which will still require 2500$ versus 24K$. Who is going to pay 2500$ for a ship beside few whales? Guys buying UEC are not going to rules the world.

So no this not P2W but intented to make micro-transaction purchase and melting ships pledges with cash to ships available in game with UEC. Nothing evil, jsut respecting Bacekrs pledge so they have flexibility in game to change ships they got years ago against new ones.

Another point, Star citizen is based on 10% players versus 90% NPC's.. which are driven by CIG. No risk of inflation or system abuse as economy is in CIG hands.