Super Evil Megacorp's mobile MOBA Vainglory is moving to PC

Super Evil Megacorp's mobile MOBA Vainglory is moving to PC

In an unquestionably bold move, mobile MOBA Vainglory is making the leap to PC.

Developer and publisher Super Evil Megacorp positioned the game to be the top MOBA on iOS and Android, and has raked in $50m since its launch back in 2014. While that's a big figure, when you consider that's revenue from around four years on sale from a free-to-play game, it isn't making as much as you'd expect. That said, MOBAs are inherently niche and it's likely we're being exceptionally harsh on the title.

The game is being brought to Windows and Mac, with an alpha ready to download right now.

How the game does will be incredibly interesting. The MOBA genre solidified back in 2014 on PC thanks to the success of League of Legends and Valve launching Dota 2. Other big players have tried their might in this market - including Electronic Arts and Jagex - but have failed to make a dent.

What Vainglory brings to the table that is truely new is unclear but Super Evil Megacorp has to have something up its sleeve to try and make this transition.

“Today is a huge step for our studio as we are thrilled to invite, for the first time ever, Mac and Windows players to join us in Vainglory,” the company said.

“The EVIL engine has enabled us to create a truly cross-platform MOBA. We’re very excited about starting external testing on this, and we hope you are too.”

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