GOG wants to archive console games as well as PC titles

GOG wants to archive console games as well as PC titles

DRM-free games specialist has said that it might be interested in bringing older console games to its platform.

That's according to a recently-released - and really, *really* interesting - documentary from NoClip (below) in which head of product Marcin Paczynski says that it wants to be able to archive these titles - but that it isn't going to be easy to do this.

“I think it might be possible at some point,” he said, as reported by PCGamesN.

"However, from what we have been able to gather because we did the research, it might be very, very complicated.

“I wouldn't say that this is impossible and I would certainly love to have some of the console games on GOG. Because we would be able to make them work. Maybe we've already tried.”

Additionally, MD Piotr Karwowski opened up about why dislikes digital rights management quite so much.

"There's no way to fight piracy with DRM, because there wasn't a game that wasn't pirated," he said.

"It was a matter of time - sometimes hours, sometimes days, there were titles that took longer, but in the end all this stuff was pirated. There's one sentence that Marcin [Iwinski, CD Projet co-founder] always says that struck a chord with me: 'If a paying legal customer has to go through some extra hassle because of DRM while the guy who downloads the game illegally doesn't, well there's something wrong at that point'. You're paying for this and you're having a worse experience? How come?'

"At that point that anti-DRM thing was part of the DNA of the company and we're trying to win the hearts of the customer with content, with the titles, with the prices rather than with copy protection. When we moved into digital distribution it was very obvious that you'd start at that point."

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