Valve continues to block adult games despite 'anything goes' Steam policy

Valve continues to block adult games despite 'anything goes' Steam policy

More news now from Valve's seeming inability to decide what goes on Steam.

A number of developers behind 'adult' visual novels have said that their titles have once again been blocked from Steam.

Love in Space, the studio behind Sunrider and Shining Song Starnova took to Twitter (below) saying that it had been speaking to Valve after its games were removed in May of this year. The developer was told that it had to wait until new features that were designed to help users manage what they see on Steam come into effect.

Additionally, Techraptor reports that publisher Sekai Project has also had similar issues and been asked to resubmit its games. As a result, that company is looking for alternative places to publish - perhaps another PC games platform that seems to be a bit more consistent about what makes the cut.

This follows Valve pulling a number of adult games from its Steam platform in May of this year. Around the same time, a game where users could play a school shooter also appeared on the storefront raising some pretty valid questions.

In the wake of that debacle, the company published a blog post saying that moving forwards it would be adhering to a more 'anything goes' approach on Steam, allowing anything on so long as it was not 'illegal' or 'straight up trolling'. We're still not really sure what that last one means, if we're honest. The games in question here certainly do not appear to meet either of these criteria. Credit where credit is due, Valve has been somewhat proactive when it comes to removing titles that actually do fit the bill.

Speaking to earlier this month, SteamSpy founder Sergey Galyonkin said that he was a fan of Valve's 'anything goes' approach, but felt that consumers needed greater control over what they saw on the storefront, arguing that freedom of speech only truly works when there's the ability to not listen to what is being said.

These are slowly coming into effect, with Valve starting to tailor what appears in users' New Releases tab on Steam.

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