EA Motive’s Montreal studio has an unannounced game in the works

EA Motive’s Montreal studio has an unannounced game in the works

EA’s Motive studio in Montreal is working on an unannounced second project.

Speaking to Game Informer, studio head Jade Raymond confirmed that the Canadian development house had more in store than just a new open-world action-adventure title.

Three developers at Motive pitched the project to studio leads, who then gave them space to prototype and develop the idea. It appears that excitement spread from there, and the game has grown into a “fully-fledged” studio project.

"In Montreal, we have a big IP and then we have a second project, and the thing that I'm really excited about is that project was totally born from three passionate people who just worked on a pitch in their spare time," said Raymond. "They were super passionate, saying 'let us prototype it, let us do it,' and we managed to give them some space to get it done because it was exciting.

"People saw what was going on and more people wanted to join their team. Now it's a fully-fledged project, so we were able to get that going within Motive, which I think is one of the benefits of having a smaller studio."

EA Motive is one of the publisher’s newest studios, formed last August  by merging Bioware Montreal with Jade Raymond’s Motive Studios. The Montreal office is helping on Vancouver’s Star Wars title, alongside its own new open-world IP.

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