69 per cent of Fortnite players are forking out for in-game purchases

69 per cent of Fortnite players are forking out for in-game purchases

A survey into the spending habits of Fortnite players found that 69 per cent are spending cash on Epic’s battle royale.

LendEdu carried out the survey on the financial habits of over 1,000 Fortnite players, those who typically spend between six and ten hours a week on the game. Over a third of respondents said that Fortnite was the first game they had spent money on.

68.8 per cent of these players revealed that they had paid for content in Fortnite, with the average total spend coming to $84.67.

New outfits and characters were the most popular choice at 58.9 per cent, followed by gliders and tools at 18 and 13 per cent respectively. Emotes and dances were the least popular, accounting for only nine per cent of sales.

Funnily enough, one in five spenders was unaware that purchasing these items gave them no objective advantage in-game. The Fortnite in-game store even reads “Note: These items are cosmetic only and grant no competitive advantage.”

Fortnite definitely isn’t struggling for cash these days. The battle royale phenomenon brought in over $300 million in May alone.

As of today, the game is no longer under pressing legal threat from predecessor Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds - PUBG Corp has dropped its legal challenge against the game.

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