Bethesda swaps The Elder Scrolls: Legends developers

Bethesda swaps The Elder Scrolls: Legends developers

Bethesda's collectable card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends has a new developer.

That's according to IGN, who reports that Dire Wolf is no longer handling development duties. Replacing that outfit is Sparkypants.

That firm will be making an entirely new client, complete with new UI, menus and visual designs.

"We feel like Legends is a very strong game with a lot of untapped potential," Bethesda PR and marketing chief Pete Hines said.

"We have a passionate and dedicated community that isn’t shy about expressing their requests and things they want to see changed. We have a similar vision for the direction of the game and what it could be moving forward. This was an opportunity to alter the direction and foster a community that wants to see the game succeed as much as we do."

He continued: "We chose Sparkypants because they are a really talented team of developers. They have tons of experience across multiple genres and are continuing to build an outstanding team we think will do great things with Legends. They’ve been fantastic to work with and they’re just down the road from us which certainly helps when it comes to a transition of this magnitude."

Hines says that this change in development will speed up development.

"I’ve touched on this already, but it’s really about laying the foundation for the future," he said.

"We think Legends is a world-class strategic card game that offers content for every type of player, from casual to hardcore to people who just want to experience an awesome single-player adventure in the Elder Scrolls universe. We want to build on that foundation at a faster pace and allow the game room to grow and evolve with the community, regardless of platform."

The Elder Scrolls Legends was announced during Bethesda's 2015 E3 conference alongside Fallout 4. Originally scheduled for release on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS in 2016, the PC version rolled out in March 2017 just ahead of the iPad edition.

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