'There's room for improvement in how we present our DLC,' says Paradox

'There's room for improvement in how we present our DLC,' says Paradox

Strategy-centric developer and publisher Paradox Interactive has said that it is looking at improving how it handles DLC moving forward.

Speaking to PCGamer about the large amount of extra content it releases for its games, Paradox business development VP Shams Jorjani said that the company is by and large happy with how it manages DLC, but that it is always improving.

"I argue: go out and find any other game that can offer you this many hours of gameplay at the base cost and never [require] any more DLC. If you're not a religious Paradox player and you've never encountered our games, and just buy vanilla, I think we're in the top one per cent in the industry, in terms of value that we provide back. Green Man Gaming now puts in a value that tells you the amount of hours and money spent. There was a big discussion [on social media] about how terrible this is. But I love it!

"On the other hand, we're pretty… not bad, but there's room for improvement in how we present our DLC. We have to deal with the issue of people being conditioned by other games and how the industry works. The conditioning is: if you don't get all the content, the thing is broken, you're missing out on something. Which is not true in our games."

The Green Man Gaming mention above is in reference to the 'cost per hour' statistic the digital retailer has added to its store pages recently, something the firm sees as informing consumers.

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