Paradox closes Life by You studio Tectonic

Paradox closes Life by You studio Tectonic

Swedish games firm Paradox Interactive has closed Tectonic, the studio that was working on sim title Life by You. 

In a post on the company's website, CEO Fred Wester confirmed the closure, saying that 24 members of staff were affected by the news. This follows Paradox cancelling the long-in-development Life by You earlier this week. 

"This is difficult and drastic news for our colleagues at Tectonic, who’ve worked hard on Life by You’s Early Access release," Wester wrote. 

"Sadly, with cancellation of their sole project we have to take the tough decision to close down the studio. We are deeply grateful for their hard work in trying to take Paradox into a new genre."

In announcing that Life by You was being cancelled, deputy CEO Mattias Lilja said that the company felt that the project wasn't where it needed to be. 

""Though a time extension was an option, once we took that pause to get a wider view of the game, it became clear to us that the road leading to a release that we felt confident about was far too long and uncertain," Lilja wrote. 

"This is not to say the game has not shown any promising qualities; Life by You had a number of strengths and the hard work of a dedicated team that went into realizing them. However, when we come to a point where we believe that more time will not get us close enough to a version we would be satisfied with, then we believe it is better to stop." 

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