Sonic Mania has sold one million copies worldwide

Sonic Mania has sold one million copies worldwide

One of Sega's Sonic titles from 2017 has surpassed the one million sales mark and it sure as hell wasn't Sonic Forces.

Yes, Sonic Mania has sold one million copies, as reported by Japanese games magazine Famitsu - spotted by Siliconera - since its August 2017 release date.

That's across all platforms; PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - there's no breakdown on purely PC sales, but has reached out to Sega Europe to see if the publisher can give us some kind of insight into how the game has performed on this platform.

The PC SKU of Sonic Mania was delayed by two weeks - something Sega oddly announced via a livestream - with consumers reacting negatively to the game's eventual launch when it was discovered that the title used Denuvo anti-tamper tech to prevent piracy.

Sonic Mania was announced in 2016 and was a retro throwback title made in part by former ROM hackers Christian 'Taxman' White and Simon 'Headcannon' Thomley. It was met with positive reviews, certainly more so than the 3D Sonic title, Forces.

The title was picked as one of's games that defined 2017 as it shows that triple-A publishing giants should be listening and enabling fan creators because often times they have a better idea of what to do with IP.

An enhanced version of the game - Sonic Mania Plus - is set to launch shortly. 

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