"I want to see PUBG as a considered esport with year-long leagues," says Greene

"I want to see PUBG as a considered esport with year-long leagues," says Greene

The creative director on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Brendan Greene appears to have some pretty big goals when it comes to the title's pro-gaming future.

Speaking to Eurogamer about the game's future, Greene said that one of his big aspirations for the title is to set it up as a proper esport. Actually, his vision sounds fairly similar to Blizzard's Overwatch League. 

"Right now this year we're really heavily investing into setting up an esports infrastructure, we're building an esports team globally now, between the US and Europe and Asia, and really trying to develop out the tools we need to support esport organisations and players in order to give a good foundation," he said.

"So, that's where I want to see it in three years, I want to see it as a considered esport with events taking place in big stadiums and sort of year long leagues, that's what my dream for battle royale has been, that's where I want to see us go, and looking at what we're doing this year I really see that as a great chance."

The developer also said that moving forwards he wants to have more of an open dialogue with fans. Though the title worked on an open development principle, by Greene's own admission, the team went a bit "radio silent" post 1.0 launch.

"We went a little radio silent after full launch, because we really did have our heads down and tried to figure out what we wanted to do this year," he said.

"Now since we've announced the Roadmap we're really trying to open up again, and you're starting to see that - we've got Savage into the hands of the payers much earlier this time, much like we did when Erangel - when the game was first announced and we had a pre-alpha with a prototype - so, it's the same with Savage, we really want to get an early version out so people can test it. We want to continue that sort of open development again and get back into it this year, as I said we were a little quiet but we were growing a company, you know, and creating a new culture and trying to expand worldwide so you know that drew our focus, to really try to get the right people - and growing a company's not easy. Some areas kind of fell off and this year we want to make up for that and really get back and talk to the community again."

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