It looks like Valve has hidden Steam Machines on its store

It looks like Valve has hidden Steam Machines on its store

Valve has quietly hidden the link to Steam Machines from the Steam store. PC Gamer reported that the Steam Machines no longer appeared on the hardware section of the website, but the Steam Machine page can still be reached if you follow a direct link.

The hardware section on Steam now only contains the Steam Controller,Steam Link streaming box and if the HTC Vive VR headset, with the Steam Machines nowhere to be seen. Now, a search list that only contains links to external websites with a handful of links selling the machines is the only thing that can be found.

The Steam Machines were a line of Linux based SteamOS hybrids of PC and consoles that came with a specialised controller. Valve hoped they would tempt people away from their desktops and be a way for PC gamers to play games directly in their living room.

Popularity for them never gathered, with Ars Technica reporting that the systems only sold just over half a million units in the first seven months compared to both the Xbox One and PS4 selling over one million units on the day of release alone.

Removing them from the hardware section of the website is the final nail in the coffin for the specialised machines. Issues surrounding the machines didn’t help with a lack of sales. There were the delays, cancellations, and high prices that put gamers off shelling out their hard earned cash.

The Linux based SteamOS launched with bugs and a poor frame rate compared to Windows 10, causing games companies to not want to support the machines. Valve didn’t help themselves by launching the much cheaper Steam Link, which allowed gamers to stream games on their TVs.

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