Over 500 titles made $3m on Steam in 2023

Over 500 titles made $3m on Steam in 2023

More than 500 games on Steam made over $3 million in gross revenue in 2023.

That's according to Valve's annual review for the year, in which the firm revealed that these titles had managed to reach this milestone in that calendar year. The company went on to say that this is more than double the number of games making over $3 million in 2018.

"Revenue from games and software (including DLC and microtransactions) continued to grow in 2023, and more games and studios are finding success," Valve wrote.

"Specifically, 2023 was the first year in Steam’s history where more than 500 games earned more than $3 million in gross revenue—in that calendar year alone. For comparison, that’s more than double the number of games hitting the same threshold five years earlier in 2018.

"The diversity of genres, mechanics, and studios finding success on Steam is another indicator of platform growth. Every month we publicly track the top 20 new releases by revenue, and the top five most-played new release free-to-play titles. In 2023, more than a quarter of those new releases were from studios releasing a game on Steam for the very first time, and those new studios hailed from more than two dozen different countries. In 2023's monthly lists, massive IPs like Diablo and Harry Potter sit alongside indie titles like (the) Gnorp Apologue and Slay the Princess."

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