Steam quietly rolls out changes to Curators system

Steam quietly rolls out changes to Curators system

Valve's changes to its Curator system on Steam are now live.

Kotaku UK has confirmed the system is being rolled out to developers and journalists; this allows game makers to send codes directly to media outlets, i.e. curators, thus stopping one issue facing the platform - people pretending to be media types to scam free codes.

Dubbed Curator Connects, this feature has been in closed beta for some time but has been pushed out to developers. These changes were announced back in October

This isn't the only change that the system is seeing; Valve's other changes to Curator is that users will start to see recommendations from these influencers and journalists across the storefront and in new forms, as well. Videos can now be embedded as well as the existing written reviews and recommendations.

"I believe it will help a lot because it makes it easier to possibly reach more users directly on Steam," said Kotaku UK's source.

"The only thing I'm missing so far or can not see in the system, is a way for the curators to contact us developers (for feedback for example). It's pretty much a one-way street where you send out your keys with a message and then hope. I can see if a request gets accepted and if a review has been written, but that's it."

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