Bungie says third-party software isn’t cause of Destiny 2 player bans

Bungie says third-party software isn’t cause of Destiny 2 player bans

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has spoken out abut accusations that players are being banned for using third-party apps with the PC version of its game.

Players have been complaining about being booted from the game for using programmes such as Discord, as well as overlay and capture tech for streams.

The PC lead for the game David Shaw said on Twitter (below) that this is not the reason they are being banned, but that Bungie does block third-party applications that push code into the game.

Bungie's attitude to third-party software is already documented. During the Destiny 2 beta, the studio made a post in its help section addressing which programmes it supports and the ones it does not. 

Capture tech like OBS and XSplit are not supported, while social applications such as Discord and Mumble are not allowed. The games industry conspiracy hivemind has postulated that this could be to do with Blizzard wanting to push its hub, which now features a wealth of social features. 

It has been pointed out by industry analysts that this approach shows a level of disconnect between the developers and the PC games market.  

PCGamesInsider has reached out to Activision to see why players are being banned. 

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