Windows 10 update causes trouble for Razer laptop owners

Windows 10 update causes trouble for Razer laptop owners

Some owners of laptops made by gaming hardware manufacturer Razer are reporting significant issues after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

A number of posts on the Razer forums complain of incompatibility with the update, which first started rolling out last Tuesday. Common complaints tell tales of the laptop suddenly failing to recognise external peripherals and even, in some instances, the integrated keyboard and trackpad. The problem seems to materialise after waking from sleep and when not plugged into the mains.

In some cases the problems seem to be fixed with a reboot, although other users have reported that the issues will still materialise intermittently. Driver reinstallations to not appear to alleviate the issue.

There have even been sporadic reports of owners of laptops from other manufacturers experiencing similar issues, although anecdotal evidence suggests most issues are solved with a full reboot. It’s also worth noting that plenty of Razer users say that their devices have survived the update unscathed.

Razer told TechRadar that it is currently investigating a fix for the problems, while Microsoft said that it too is aware of the issues and is working with Razer on a fix, which it hopes to make available as soon as possible.

Sadly such stories are not uncommon owing to Windows 10’s propensity for rolling out updates automatically. Affected Razer users are at least able to roll back their OS to its pre-update state, although making updates manual would be many people’s preferred solution.