Avengers project might be online third-person action adventure game

Avengers project might be online third-person action adventure game

We now have some more information about Square Enix’s upcoming Avengers title.

Thanks to some job listings spotted by NeoGAF user Nirolak for one of the developers Crystal Dynamics, it sounds like the upcoming super hero project will be an online third-person cover-based affair.

One listing for a lead level designer whose duties include developing ‘cutting-edge online experiences’, while another for the design team is looking for people to ‘prototype and build combat systems that directly apply to a third-person cover-baed action adventure game’.

Though the design team job directly mentions the Avengers project, the lead level designer mentions no project so it’s entirely possible these are for two separate games.

The project was announced back in January with Marvel revealing it was entering into a multi-year and multi-project partnership with Square.

Crystal Dynamics isn’t the only developer working on a Marvel project. Deus Ex and Thief studio Eidos Montreal reportedly working on a Guardians of the Galaxy title.

While this might sound like good news, it looks like the studio’s Deus Ex franchise is on ice for the time being following a less-than-stellar performance for last year’s Mankind Divided.

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