Microsoft launches Mixer Create to livestream games from mobile devices

Microsoft launches Mixer Create to livestream games from mobile devices

Microsoft has rebranded its streaming service Beam as Mixer and launched a new mobile edition of the service called Mixer Create.

The new app, which is currently in open beta, enables self-broadcasting via their mobile device's camera. Following a future update, users will be able to livestream gameplay directly from the device.

Mixer Create will make use of all of Mixer's capabilities, including low-latency broadcasting and co-streaming alongside other broadcasters. This will allow mobile streamers to appear on joint streams with PC and console players.

Get involved

Mixer also includes viewer interactivity functionality, allowing those watching the stream the ability to interact with the game directly. This is currently used in Telltale's releases, in which viewers can choose which choices the player makes by voting.

A separate Mixer mobile app is also available for users who just want to watch streamers on their devices. The app includes the interactive functions found in other versions of the app.

The streaming service is a direct competitor to the hugely popular Twitch. The livestreaming leader has most recently brought in new features to compete with social network sites with a feed-based platform called Pulse.


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