Fable 4 leaks on Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer

Fable 4 leaks on Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer

A new entry in Microsoft’s maligned Fable franchise may have been leaked ahead of E3.

Fable 4 made a surprise appearance on Mixer, Microsoft’s Twitch-like streaming platform, with a listing on the site’s database of games appearing earlier this week.

The discovery was made by investigative users on Reddit, who found Fable IV appears in searches for Fable on Mixer (below).

Fable IV listed on Mixer's game database

A new single-player Fable was reported to be in development over a year ago, with Forza developer Playground Games at the helm in place of the now-defunct IP creator Lionhead.

Despite being an early flagship franchise for Xbox, Fable hit rocky ground after 2010’s Fable 3 failed to hit the mark. A multiplayer title, Fable Legends, looked promising but was cut short by Lionhead’s sudden shutdown in 2016.

If Fable 4 is primed for an announcement, expect more news to land during the Xbox E3 conference on June 9th. With Microsoft’s renewed commitment to the PC, it’s likely the fourth entry will land on desktops alongside a console release.

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