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PUBG creator Greene says he wants his development team to be more diverse

PUBG creator Greene says he wants his development team to be more diverse

The creator of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Brendan Greene had said that he wants to have more women on his Special Projects development team.

Speaking at View Conference - as reported by - the PUBG maker said that hiring legislation in The Netherlands has made making his 99 per cent male studio more diverse. Greene also says that he has tried to work with Special Projects' HR team to attract more women within the limitations of employment law in the region.

"It's really hard," he said.

"We cannot tell a recruiter that we want a particular type of person. We will give them a job description, and we will tell them 'this is the kind of team we're building', but we can't tell them we want a diverse selection of people.

"They will just give us stuff. And as a result I have one woman on my team, and I hate that. [My team has] people from all over the world, from Ukraine, Russia, America, Canada. It's an international crew, but all male."

He continued; "I've looked at my job descriptions, trying to figure out if we have a male-oriented job description. But no, [they had] heavily feminised wording, right?"

Greene added: "You try and try, but I'm reliant on the CVs that I get through the door... And the quality of the candidates we get is not at the stage we want. It sucks, but we are trying."

Greene left the PUBG team last year to go work on a new game at PUBG Corp's Special Projects arm.

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