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EA shuffles executive team as it moves on from Battlefront 2 controversy

EA shuffles executive team as it moves on from Battlefront 2 controversy

Publisher EA has given its executive team a shuffle and made a new addition to the leadership as it looks to move on from the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 loot box controversy.

The moves are part of EA's plans to continue developing online multiplayer experiences, as well as looking into connecting players across devices.

Executive VP of worldwide studios Patrick Söderlund has been named chief design officer. He’ll be responsible for overseeing game design, as well as working with the company’s marketing and tech teams on creative output.

Executive VP of global publishing Laura Miele is taking on the role of chief studios officer, where she’ll be responsible for leading EA Worldwide Studios.

Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen meanwhile is taking on extra duties as chief operating officer, taking on a role made absent by former COO Peter Moore’s departure in 2017. The move will see EA’s business development, corporate development and worldwide customer experience teams come under one group.

Company shake-up

Elsewhere chief marketing officer Chris Bruzzo will stay on in his position, but also lead a new marketing, publishing and analytics organisation within the company.

The aim here is to better understand player behaviour and tailor content to personal tastes using data.

A new addition to the executive, Matt Bilbey has joined the leadership as EVP of strategic growth, where he’ll be responsible for growing EA’s Origin platform, a network to connect players across devices, and competitive gaming.

Bilbey is also set to lead the company’s further expansion into Asia through new partnerships.

Finally, those retaining their current roles are chief people officer Mala Singh, general counsel and corporate secretary Jake Schatz and EVP of business affairs Joel Linzner.

“I'm a big believer in having the courage to change, especially in service of our players and our future,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

“To that end, we have aligned on several strategic organisational changes that will sharpen focus on the creative core of EA, drive precision in our operations, and define clear leadership for our growth initiatives.”

Whatever that means.


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