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Why Wargaming is setting up shop in the UK

Why Wargaming is setting up shop in the UK

This morning, Wargaming announced that it was opening a brand new studio in Guildford. This is the company's first development outpost in the UK. We caught up with this new outfit's boss Sean Decker to find out more 

What is the thinking behind this studio?

Wargaming is looking to tap into the fantastic game development talent that the UK has to offer.

Is this new studio only focused on this new IP or is it going to be joining other Wargaming studios in contributing to other projects?

The studio will be focused solely on the new IP.

You say the core team is set to be 25 people. How big do you want to grow the studio in the next year?

We aim to grow as the project develops.

Why is Wargaming using Unreal when it already owns the BigWorld tech, which powers its MMOs?

While we will use Unreal for our client technology, we will continue to use BigWorld technology for many other parts of our tech stack.

What perks are there to joining this Guildford studio?

Guildford has a promising pool of talent for our industry.

Being a free-to-play MMO aside, how in-line with Wargaming's other game is this new project?

As with a lot of Wargaming titles, this one will feature vehicles as the hero of the game.

What's your ambition for the studio?

To grow it into a centre of excellence that provides great entertainment for millions of players for a long time.

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