Seven reasons to attend The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects London 2019

Seven reasons to attend The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects London 2019

We first launched The PC Indie Pitch our PC Indie competition and sister show to our mobile-focused Big Indie Pitch back in Cologne during Gamescom week 2017.

From here the competition has only gone from strength to strength. We’ve seen over 150 developers run the pitching gauntlet across 11 competition in 8 different countries, and now we’re ready to return home to London for our second PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects 2019.

For those not in the know, the PC Indie Pitch is a regular event run by the makers of It gives indie developers the chance to pitch their games to industry experts and journalists in a speed-dating-style format.

Sounds interesting right? However, you may be wondering to what benefits there are to attending The PC Indie Pitch at PC Connects 2019. Well if that describes you, then luckily we’ve compiled a list of the seven reasons why you should not only be at The PC Indie Pitch, but why you should be a part of The PC Revolution at PC Connects London 2019.

Oh but after you've read the list, don't forget to come back and enter. Even more details can be found on our on the event page here, whilst those who are already convinced can head straight over and register right here

Oh, and if you're developing for mobile or portable platforms like the Nintendo Switch, then don't forget we also have The Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects 2019 happening at the same event too.

Some of the action from our recent PC Indie Pitch at G-STAR 2018 in Busan, South Korea

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  • 1 Free entry to PC Connects London 2019

    Free entry to PC Connects London 2019 logo

    So one thing you may have been wondering is whether you need to purchase a ticket for PC Connects London 2019 in order to be eligible for the pitch. The great news here is that you very much don’t, as all those who are selected to pitch will be sent a link that is good for 2 special indie pitcher tickets for the hottest B2B PC event of the year. That's not alll though, as this ticket also grants you access to Pocket Gamer Connects and BlockChain Gamer Connects 2019 too!

    Even better, these tickets have no real restrictions. Alongside the pitch you’ll also have access to all of the expert talks, our Pitch & Match meeting system so you can arrange those all important meetings, and even access to our after hours events such as The PG Party. Sounds good right?

  • 2 Get your game in front our expert judges

    Our speed-dating format means that rather than being up on stage, developers will actually get time to sit down with each table of judges to pitch their game in a more intimate setting.

    These tables will consist of two judges judges that will consist of a mix of industry experts, journalists, investors and publishers, meaning that The PC Indie Pitch is not only your chance to impress these judges and learn from them, but is also the perfect opportunity to network with them too.

    Previous judges have included representatives from the likes of PC Games N, Jagex, BBC, Armor Games, Fanatical alongside experts such as Rami Ismail, Jon Hare, Jupiter Hadley and Dan Da Rocha to name but a few.

  • 3 That all important feedback

    Talking of feedback, of course developers will be able to get live real time feedback from the judges during the pitch thanks to our meeting style format.

    However, that’s not all, as during the judges final deliberation all of this feedback will be collected and then emailed to each and every developer following the pitch so that this can be taken and used as your development continues. All this effectively means that you can focus on pitching, safe in the knowledge that not only the feedback you receive at the table, but all the additional thoughts and advice that comes as a part of the private judging is all being collected and will be safely delivered to you post event.

  • 4 Refine your elevator pitch

    Arguably the most important skill that a developer needs is the elevator pitch. You may not think refining a short pitch of your game is all that important, but even if you get your game in front of the right people, the likelihood is you’ll only have a matter of minutes to impress those all important journalists, publishers, investors and experts.

    As such, refining this pitch couldn’t be more important, and The PC Indie Pitch is the best place in the world to refine this skill so that the next time you have that all important meeting you’ll be able to jump straight into what makes your game unique and stand out in today’s competitive market.

  • 5 Get your game covered

    Now of course, we’ve mentioned that there will be a plethora of journalists in attendance as judges, but impressing these influencers isn’t the only way to get your game covered.

    That’s because being we here at Steel Media and will of course be covering the pitch extensively. Not only can the top three expect to be featured in our winners article, but we’ll also be conducting one of out Big Indie Interviews with all three of our winners too.

    That’s not all though, as regardless of whether you walk away with one of our top three prizes, every single game will be covered in our round-up article following the conclusion of the pitch.

  • 6 Prizes, prizes and more prizes

    Talking of those who are selected by our expert judges to be in the top three, you may be wondering what prizes are on offer. Well for those in the top three, aside from global recognition, we'll also be revealing brand new packages that our PC pitchers can use across Steel Media’s range of services to help you as you move forward in your development and prepare for your game’s launch.

    Of course, there will also be the editorial coverage and interviews mentioned earlier, free tickets to a Pocket Gamer/PC Connects of your choice, and the all-important prestigious PC Indie Pitch baseball bat.

    We’re also hard at work firming up more prizes, so don’t be surprised to see one or two more prizes added to these here.

  • 7 Networking, partying and connecting with the industry

    It’s not all about pitching, watching talks and having meetings though, arguably one of the most important things that a developer can get from attending not only the pitch, but PC Connects in general is a flip book of contacts old and new.

    It may be a cliche, but it couldn’t be more true when they say you don’t know who you may meet, and sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. So if you’re coming then make sure you don’t forget your business cards and make sure you get your name out their not only to our judges and your fellow pitchers, but also the industry at large too.

    And yes that most certainly includes our parties. So come along and raise a glass or two with the rest of global games industry as we celebrate The PC Revolution, and most importantly the hard work of the indie community.

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