Horror publisher Blumhouse says it is ahead of schedule

Horror publisher Blumhouse says it is ahead of schedule

Horror film firm Blumhouse has said that the plan for its newly-formed games label is coming together quicker than it anticipated. 

Speaking to, Blumhouse Games president Zach Wood said that it had initially planned to start releasing titles in 2026, but it actually has one game out this year. 

"We're kind of at capacity at the moment," he said. 

"We are further than a year ahead of schedule. Our plan was to start releasing games in 2026. But Fear The Spotlight is out this year, and we have three in 2025, three in 2026, a couple in 2027 and we're going to maintain that pace. A few games a year and making sure we have time to dedicate to each of them."

Blumhouse also says that it wants its development partners to own their IP; but the company does have the option to turn these properties into films or TV shows. 

"We don't look at games through that lens, but certainly that is a bonus," Wood said. 

"If something resonates with our audience, we have opportunities to make a film or a series, and that is exciting.

"But we endeavour to have our partners own the IP. We are not interested in taking ownership. It is their baby. We hope to be a long-term partner for them and keep working with them. We want to build a relationship. But this is their story."

CFO Don Sechler added: "But we do like to think that us having the movie and TV rights is a feature and not a bug."

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