Pullup acquires minority stakes in Rundisc and Uppercut Games

Pullup acquires minority stakes in Rundisc and Uppercut Games

Pullup Entertainment – formerly known as Focus Entertainment – has acquired minority stakes in two developers, Uppercut and Rundisc. 

In the company's financials for the 2023/24 financial yearspotted by – the firm announced that it had made investments in Submerged maker Uppercut and Rundisc, the maker of Chants of Sennar. No figure has been put on either of these deals, nor has Pullup disclosed what percentage of each company it has acquired. 

Pullup and Rundisc previously worked on Chants of Sennar; the game was published by the firm, then known as Focus Entertainment Publishing. The company was so impressed with the title's performance that it renewed its deal with Rundisc "in order to carry out a new project building on the success of the first." 

Meanwhile, the Uppercut deal also commits the studio to creating a brand new IP that Focus Entertainment Publishing will co-own. 

"Pullup Entertainment thereby demonstrates its ability to enrich and diversify its catalogue of proprietary brands and to invest in studios with recognised talents, both in France and internationally," the company wrote. 

The amount of cash mobilised for these two equity investments is relatively insignificant at the Group level."

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