Saber boss Karch: "We don't have to sell a game for $70"

Saber boss Karch: "We don't have to sell a game for $70"

The boss of the newly independent Saber Interactive, Matthew Karch has questioned the business logic of charing $70 for a new release.

In an interview with, the exec pointed to titles such as Helldivers 2, as well as indie releases like Palworld and Valheim as not needing to charge that amount for be successful.

"We don't have to sell a game for $70," Karch said.

"I'd prefer not to, I think that's expensive, I don't like that. It's almost not fair. Part of the reason Helldivers 2 has had the success that it's had [is] because it comes in at a much lower price point and it's accessible.

"Five years ago, all you heard about was the next Assassin's Creed or the next Call of Duty, Far Cry, Battlefield, or whatever else it was; the whole industry waited with bated breath for those games to come out, those were the juggernauts. But now you're seeing stuff like Palworld, Helldivers 2, and Valheim coming out and killing it. People are realising that there's [an] opportunity to make great entertainment at a price that isn't going to kill somebody's bank account."

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