Epic Games denies it has been victim of hack

Epic Games denies it has been victim of hack

Fortnite giant Epic Games has said that claims it has been the victim of a cyberattack aren't legitimate.

In a statement to VGC, the company said there is currently "zero evidence" that the claims it was hacked are true. Cyber Daily previously reported that a new ransomware group called Mogilevich said that it had made off with 189GB of internal data from Epic Games. This apparently included emails, passwords, full names, payment info and source code.

Said data is up for sale, though Mogilevich has provided no proof that it hacked Epic.

“We are investigating but there is currently zero evidence that these claims are legitimate,” the Fortnite giant said.

“Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any proof of the veracity of these allegations.

“When we saw these allegations, which were a screenshot of a darkweb webpage in a Tweet from a third party, we began investigating within minutes and reached out to Mogilevich for proof. Mogilevich has not responded.

“The closest thing we have seen to a response is this Tweet, where they allegedly ask for $15k and ‘proof of funds’ to hand over the purported data.”

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