Sweeney says Epic will bring Fortnite to Steam if it reduces 30% platform fee

Sweeney says Epic will bring Fortnite to Steam if it reduces 30% platform fee

The CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has claimed that the company will bring Fortnite to other platforms including Steam.

In a post on Twitter, the exec said that it would do so if developers were given "an awesome deal". In Sweeney's view, that means getting rid of the 30 per cent platform fee.

This isn't limited to Steam, either. Sweeney says that Fortnite could come to other services including Microsoft's platform and OneStore.

The Epic CEO was responding to a question on Twitter about whether the company would compete with Android on the app ecosystem. This follows the Fortnite giant winning its antitrust case against Google. You can read more about that over on our sibling site,

"We’ll compete, and we’ll also put Fortnite on any serious store that gives all developers an awesome deal," Sweeney wrote.

"Steam, Microsoft, OneStore, anyone: give all developers an awesome deal and we’ll support you. The end of these ridiculous 30% fees is near."

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