Bloober Team boss blames Konami for Silent Hill 2 remake trailer

Bloober Team boss blames Konami for Silent Hill 2 remake trailer

The CEO of Polish developer Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno, has placed the blame for last month's poorly-received trailer for its Silent Hill 2 remake on publisher Konami.

Speaking to inwestyc.tvas translated by Eurogamer Poland – the exec said that he himself was not a fan of the video too. During Sony's State of Play event in January of this year, a trailer for the remake of Silent Hill 2 was shown that focused on the title's combat elements. Yep, you read correctly. Outside of that misreading of the game's overall vibe, the promo did little to properly showcase the cult horror classic.

"Quite seriously, we are not responsible for the marketing side. Our partner [Konami] is entirely responsible for this," Babieno said.

"This trailer certainly does not reflect the spirit of the game."

He continued: "This is neither the spirit of what once was nor what we are creating now. We try to fully reflect this romantic vision of the game that debuted 22 years ago. We think that when players see real gameplay, a real game, they will evaluate it in a completely different way."

After years of speculation, Bloober Team was finally officially revealed to be working on Silent Hill in October 2022. In November 2023, the studio said that development was "progressing smoothly".

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