EA says AI won't replace "top talent"

EA says AI won't replace "top talent"

Generative artificial intelligence is not going to be replacing "top" development talent any time soon.

That's according to EA's chief technology officer Marija Radulovic-Nastic, who told Collision conference – as reported by - that while AI is going to be part of making game moving forward, it will not be at the expense of developers.

"I personally believe that gen AI will be a co-pilot to our people, and has the opportunity to scale and enhance human creativity," Radulovic-Nastic said.

"But the top talent, especially top talent that we employ, will be amplified and will never be, in my mind, replaced."

She went on to say that copyright and IP protection is difficult when it comes to EA.

"In generative AI, you always have questions about IP protection," Radulovic-Nastic continued.

"You want to know what kind of data was used to train the models. That's why I'm saying currently for gen AI our main focus is ideation. But all in all, it is definitely acknowledged that it will continue to be at the forefront of gaming for a very long time."

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