Take-Two's Zelnick sceptical about AI made games

Take-Two's Zelnick sceptical about AI made games

The CEO and president of Take-Two Strauss Zelnick has expressed scepticism at the notion that AI could make games.

Speaking to investors after the firm's financials for the 22/23 year – as reported by PC Gamer – the chief exec was asked for his views on AI within game development. In what's become typical Zelnick form, the CEO has been more pragmatic compared to other execs who get caught up in the hype.

"I wish I could say that the advances in AI will make it easier to create hits, obviously it won't," he said.

"Hits are created by genius. And data sets plus compute plus large language models does not equal genius. Genius is the domain of human beings and I believe will stay that way."

That being said, he doesn't rule out that Take-Two and its studios would use AI tech in development moving forward.

"As you know I'm usually a sceptic when others engage in hyperbole, [but] in the case of AI I'm pretty enthusiastic," Zelnick said.

"First of all despite the fact artificial intelligence is an oxymoron, as is machine learning, this company's been involved in those activities, no matter what words you use to describe them, for its entire history and we're a leader in that space."

He continued: "While the most recent developments in AI are surprising and exciting to many. They're exciting to us but not at all surprising. Our view is that AI will allow us to do a better job and to do a more efficient job, you're talking about tools and they are simply better and more effective tools."

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