Equity firm Supernova acquires Mi-Clos and Little Red Dog Games

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 21st, 2023 acquisition Little Red Dog Games
Mi-Clos Studio
Supernova Capital
Not disclosed
Equity firm Supernova acquires Mi-Clos and Little Red Dog Games

Private equity firm Supernova Capital has made two developer acquisitions in Mi-Clos and Little Red Dog Games.

No figure has been placed on the deal, which was caused by the studios' publishing partnership with Supernova-owned Modern Wolf. Mi-Clos is a French studio best known for Out There, Sigma Theory and Space Disorder, while Little Red Dog Games has created the Rogue State series and Precipice.

"What can feel like 'selling your baby' can actually be traumatic for founders. I sold my own studio after almost twenty years, so I have real empathy for the management teams," Supernova CEO Paul Wedgwood (pictured) said.

"It also qualifies us to judge, and I have been super-impressed—with the amazing quality of their games, and the highly capable teams they have both built. As we welcome them into the Supernova family, I am excited to also introduce them to our learning faculty, The Academy. Built from our own successes in the industry, it is our proven program of workshops, mentoring, tools and processes, that were also instrumental in transforming our former company Flying Wild Hogs into the industry leader they are today. I believe we will achieve great things together and I'm excited for the new opportunities our partnerships will bring."

Mi-Clos CEO Michael Peiffert added: "This is an emotional moment for me. We started as a one man studio back in 2010, and have grown organically ever since. The new partnership we have with Supernova is a genuine win-win for us both. It will empower us to continue developing existing IPs and new ones from our unique creative vision on an even larger scale. We'll also be able to hire more talent while continuing to develop our great work environment. This partnership sets the stage for some exciting new developments. Watch this space."

Meanwhile, Little Red Dog Games CEO Ryan Hewer commented: "I've previously worked in international diplomacy, nuclear counterproliferation and in education. In all those cases, how I view and explain the world around us is fused with idiosyncratic wit and humour that also happens to find a home in the video games I wanted to make and play. Joining Supernova realised a life-long dream to take on bigger and more ambitious projects with our unique style, and Supernova was the perfect fit for us. We are incredibly excited to show off what we've been able to accomplish with the guidance and support of their experienced mentors."

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