Stardew Valley daily sales higher than ever

Stardew Valley daily sales higher than ever

Indie game Stardew Valley is apparently selling better than at any other point in its life.

That's according to developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, who told PCGamer that the title was selling more every day on average now. The dev isn't sure why, either.

"The average daily sales of Stardew Valley are higher today than at any point," he said.

"I'm not exactly sure why that is. My hope is that the game is just continuing to spread via word of mouth, and the more people that are playing it, the more people will share the game with their friends. Regardless, I'm very happy that Stardew Valley is still so popular."

This comes in the wake of news that Stardew Valley had shifted 20 million copies to date; though this appears to be down to Barone providing a more accurate count of sales.

"Some of the apparent jump in sales count was actually due to me doing a more accurate count this time around," he said. "The old 15 million number was an undercount, because I didn't have complete information and wanted to err on the side of being too low. With the full move to self-publishing this year, I was able to do a more thorough sales count."

Of that 20 million sales, 13 million were on PC

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