God of War is Sony's biggest Steam launch to date

God of War is Sony's biggest Steam launch to date

God of War is now the biggest launch on Steam for PlayStation giant Sony.

As reported by SteamCharts, the title has hit a record of 73,529 concurrent users since its release on the platform. That's higher than the 49,582 record that Horizon Zero Dawn boasts following its August 2020 release, while Days Gone stands at 27,380 simultaneous players.

God of War is seemingly far from the last PlayStation exclusive to make its way to PC with Sony forming a new PlayStation PC publishing label last year. The decision to bring more first-party titles to PC was apparently due to a number of studios saying that this was a good idea.

"I think it was the collective of studios all over saying this is a really good idea," said Barlog.

"We should be looking into this. Eventually, I think it reached that tipping point. When we had sent so many suggestion box suggestions that they were like, “I’m tired of hearing all this. Fine, we’ll do this.” It’s a process. We’re still figuring it out as a company and as individual studios how to do this and what the process and strategy will be."

God of War was the best-selling game on Steam last week.

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