Lawyer calls for $100m Activision Blizzard compensation fund

Lawyer calls for $100m Activision Blizzard compensation fund

The lawyer for one of the Blizzard employees claiming to have been sexually harassed while at the company has said that Activision Blizzard should set up a $100 million fund to compensate victims.

As reported by, Lisa Bloom said in a statement – posted on Instagram – said that the $18 million that the company has set aside to compensate victims following a lawsuit from the EEOC is "woefully inadequate." She also said that Activision Blizzard needs to "prioritise" the "many sexual harassment victims" who worked at the firm.

An "expanded victim compensation fund" was one of three demands that Bloom laid out for those wronged by Activision Blizzard. She also called for a "real apology" for her client and the other victims, as well as a review by a "neutral third-party," rather than a "big law defence firm" into the damage that employees at Activision Blizzard have endured as a result of misconduct and fix the problems. Bloom said that her client should have the job she is entitled to and not hold her complaint against her.

"She should be praised for wanting to make the company better," the attorney said.

Activision Blizzard released the following statement in response: "We appreciate the courage of our current and former employees in coming forward with reports of misconduct, and we are truly sorry for any victims of people whose conduct did not live up to our values.

"As we have continued to reaffirm in our recent communications, such conduct is not consistent with our standards, our expectations, and what the vast majority of our employees meet on a daily basis. There is no place in our company or industry, or any industry, for sexual misconduct, harassment or retaliation of any kind. We will not tolerate any behavior that is not aligned to our values and will hold employees accountable who fail to live up to them.

"The company is committed to creating an environment we can all be proud of. We are in the process of implementing significant changes and improvements to the scope, structure and efficiency of our compliance and human resources teams, reporting systems, and transparency into our investigation process. The safety and support of our employees, especially those who have suffered, remains our top priority."

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