Calling indie developers - take part in the upcoming PC and console Big Indie Pitches

Calling indie developers - take part in the upcoming PC and console Big Indie Pitches

Around the world we run pitching competitions, in person and online, designed to showcase the very best indie developers in the games industry. These competitions are short, speed-dating-styled pitching sessions where participants can earn important feedback and have the chance to win top prizes.

Normally we’d be on the road, travelling from country to country and conference to conference in order to highlight the best indie talent the world has to offer. Of course that is sadly not possible at the moment, however that’s not going to stop us from showcasing the best indie talent in the world.

Thanks to an amazing launch of the Digital Big Indie Pitches at the Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conference series, we decided to let The Big Indie Pitch step out on its own as it normally would in order to continue its mission, and there are two upcoming pitches for PC and console developers that you can take part in.

The Digital Big Indie Pitch (PC and Console Edition) #9
Date: Thursday, August 26th (3pm - 6pm UK time)

The unique speed dating format gives each developer five minutes with each panel of experts, meaning entrants will get real feedback from the event. The winner will also get editorial coverage on PCGamesInsider.Biz, making this a great chance to get you, your studio and your game played by the world.

Space is quickly filling up, so make sure you sign up now to take part in the next digital PC and console Big Indie Pitch.

The Big Indie Pitch (PC and Console Edition) at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8
Date: Tuesday, September 28th (3pm - 6pm UK time)

The Big Indie Pitch (PC and Console Edition) returns at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8, enabling indie developers to once again pitch their games to a panel of expert judges. Entrants will also have access to everything Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 has to offer, including fantastic content, ability to network with industry professionals and much more.

To take part make sure you sign up now.

Not taking part?

If you’re not up for pitching your games, why not join us for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8? Although the conference itself is known for mobile games-related topics, we also have an amazing lineup of PC and console talks on tracks like Big Screen Gaming, as well Beyond Games which takes a closer look at the future of the games industry and where opportunities lie across other creative sectors.

You can also network and connect with other developers, publishers and investors at the conference to help take your game to the next level.

Tickets are on sale now with our Early Bird pricing, enabling you to save up to $250 on the price of tickets.

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