Nvidia reveals new raytracing 3080Ti and 3070Ti graphics cards

Nvidia reveals new raytracing 3080Ti and 3070Ti graphics cards

Graphics hardware specialist Nvidia is rolling out two new raytracing-capable GPUs.

The firm revealed the 3080Ti and the 3070Ti cards earlier this week. The former apparently is twice as quick as the 1080 Ti when it comes to rasterisation – more traditional rendering – while the latter is apparently 1.5 times quicker than the 2070 Super GPU.

The 3080Ti has an RRP of $1,199 and is launching tomorrow (Thursday, June 3rd) while the latter clocks in at $599 and has a more vague release date of "next week".

“With RTX such a huge success, gamers and creators will be thrilled with the performance and features the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti offers,” SVP of Nvidia's GeForce business Jeff Fisher said.

“As the new flagship to the RTX family, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is the ultimate upgrade for GPU enthusiasts of any generation.”

This generation of RTX cards comes in the wake of the first 30 line of Nvidia GPUs, which were revealed in September 2020. These have been pretty hard to come by since, thanks to resellers snapping up the hardware, as well as the cryptocurrency boom.

Nvidia said in April of this year that there were going to be shortages of GPUs for much of 2021.

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