Unity to introduce Nvidia DLSS native support by end of 2021

Unity to introduce Nvidia DLSS native support by end of 2021

Engine maker Unity is adding native support for Nvidia's deep learning super sampling (DLSS) by the end of the year.

That's going by a post on Nvidia's website from senior producer marketing manager Ethan Einhorn, who writes that this will allow Unity developers to create "beautiful real-time raytraced worlds" using its graphics tech. This will be coming to Unity in version 2021.2

DLSS, simply put, is using AI to automatically increase the quality and resolution of textures and assets. In other words, it's a process that potentially makes games look much better than they actually are. The rumoured new SKU of Nintendo's Switch console is apparently going to be using this tech.

It's primarily being used to enable raytracing in games, but benefits graphics overall even if this tech isn't being used.

"With just a few clicks you will be able to activate DLSS in Unity and choose between various quality options to get a boost of performance with equivalent – if not better visual quality – enabling high-end graphics, 4K gaming, games with high frame rates, real-time ray tracing and high-end VR," said Unity's senior product manager for high-end graphics, Mathieu Muller in a video on YouTube.

"DLSS is also valuable for performance gains on titles that are not using real-time ray tracing."

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