Cliff Bleszinski could once again return to game development

Cliff Bleszinski could once again return to game development

Development vet Cliff Bleszinski has said that he could once again come back to making games.

In a post on Facebook, the Boss Key vet ruminated on the downfall of that studio and said that he was once again having the desire to make something new. Bleszinski said that he hopes that titles like Fall Guys and Among Us having huge success "gave him hope."

"I am finding myself actually having a slight itch to scratch to maybe poke around and see about making a little game," he wrote.

"I have some ideas kicking around, so we'll see. I've found myself madly in love with smaller games these days, and the success of Fall Guys and Among Us give me hope that not everything needs to be insane AAA that requires crazy crunch that ruins families and mental health on a 100m budget."

Boss Key closed in May 2018 following the lacklustre launch of shooter LawBreakers. Publisher Nexon wrote off the project to the tune of $32.6m after its release.

The studio tried to make another title in free-to-play battle royale Radical Heights, which hit Steam Early Access just days after Boss Key announced it was halting work on LawBreakers and not long before the studio closed. 

Since the company's implosion, Bleszinski has said he is no longer interested in making games. This echoed this departure from Epic Games in 2012 when he retired, only to return in 2014 with Boss Key and LawBreakers.

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