US investor March Capital launches $60m games startup fund

US investor March Capital launches $60m games startup fund

Investment firm March Capital has rolled out a new $60m fund for games startup companies.

It's doing this via the newly-created March Gaming Fund division, which will be looking for new teams to work with in the sector. The firm is hoping to fund 12 to 15 projects at a seed or Series A stage. This new venture is being led by March Capital's managing partner Gregory Milken.

“Within the past decade, gaming has joined the ranks of becoming mainstream conversation,” he said.

“Once viewed as solely for geeks, gaming is now incredibly widespread, and it is an enthusiastic part of our culture. Gaming has become an active, multi-directional activity, and esports, streaming, audience participation, chats/communication, and game viewership will lead to immediate further rewards in gaming investing in the next five years. Game engines are being used to create the latest content, including the most successful TV shows and movies. As such, I’m thrilled to announce our new fund that is 100% focused on the gaming industry.

“While March Capital has long invested in gaming, we realised that we had a subset of investors and constituents who were very interested in gaming. We decided to dedicate a fund just for gaming investments and use our unique expertise and evaluation capabilities to fully capitalise on this opportunity. As a life-long gamer, I cannot wait to continue to identify, invest in, and advise those like-minded entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of game platform creation and content development."

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