Former Rocksteady writer demands name be removed from Suicide Squad credits

Former Rocksteady writer demands name be removed from Suicide Squad credits

The alleged author of a 2018 letter to Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady, Kim MacAskill, has come forward and demanded that the studio remove her name from the credits for the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game.

In a video on YouTube, the former scriptwriter said that she originally penned the letter – revealed by The Guardian – after experiencing sexism at work.

After discussing the matter with other women working at Rocksteady, it soon appeared that this was a wider problem. MacAskill also alleges that another woman at the studio had been sexually assaulted by another member of staff, but was told to continue working with them while the company's human resources department conducted an investigation into the matter.

Furthermore, MacAskill claims that Rocksteady HR tried to stop her from sending the letter on at least two occasions, with members of the studio's management saying that it could jeopardise her position at the developer and make her less likely to be hired at other companies in the future.

MacAskill lost her job in 2019 and believes that the letter was the root cause. She ended her video by demanding that Rocksteady remove her name from the credits of the forthcoming Suicide Squad title.

"Seeing that things haven't improved, Rocksteady, I am formally asking you to take my name off of your game," she said.

"I do not want to be associated with your game. I do not want to be associated with your company. My entire memory of being in your company as one of your only senior females was trying to protect the women in your company while you allowed them to be continually assaulted, abused, and harassed, and the whole time – the whole time – protecting the people that were doing it, people that I know are still in that company." has reached out to Rocksteady's parent company Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment for comment.

Rocksteady has taken steps to debunk the accusations levelled at the studio in an "unsolicited letter" that it posted to Twitter yesterday. The letter, signed by seven of the people who signed the original 2018 letter, says that the developer has been unfairly represented. The authors say that Rocksteady has done more than the original Guardian article claims to try and redress misconduct in the workplace.

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