Humble's Fight for Racial Justice Bundle raised $4.4m

Humble's Fight for Racial Justice Bundle raised $4.4m

The Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle raised more than $4m for Black Lives Matter charities.

The offering raised $4.4m in the offering's time on sale for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward and The Bail Project. 134,073 people paid for the bundle.

The Fight for Racial Justice Bundle launched on June 16th and featured $1,243-worth of games, books and comics. These were on sale with a minimum price of $30.

This follows Humble creating the Black Game Developer Fund, which is a $1m-per-year pot that the company is using to fund titles from black creators.

Fellow digital storefront raised $8.1m with its own Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Meanwhile, Don't Starve creator Klei donated $1m to Black Lives Matter causes, while Double Fine donated $12k to anti-racist charities. Fellow Microsoft-owned developer 343 Industries is donating 100 per cent of Halo 5 microtransaction revenue between June 19th and July 19th to the NAACP.

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