Christopher Nolan film to be shown in Fortnite this summer

Christopher Nolan film to be shown in Fortnite this summer

Epic is holding a full-length screening of a Christoper Nolan film in its battle royale title Fortnite this summer.

As revealed by Geoff Keighley via Twitter (below), an "iconic" movie by The Dark Knight and Inception director will be shown in Epic Games' title. The news follows the premiere trailer for Tenet that was recently displayed in the battle royale.

The obvious choice would be The Dark Knight, or possibly one of the other two entries in Nolan's Batman trilogy. However, the director has a number of other high-profile movies such as Dunkirk, Inception, Momento and Interstellar.

"Just announced during the Tenet trailer premiere - Christopher Nolan is bringing one of his iconic films to @FortniteGame this summer for a full-length free screening for fans," said Keighley.

The partnership with Nolan follows the American Firm teaming up with US rapper Travis Scott, who performed a virtual tour in Fortnite.

Earlier this month, Epic Games revealed that its flagship game has over 350 million players. An increase of more than 150 million from 200m reported in November 2018. Earlier this month, Epic was forced to cancel the Fortnite World Cup due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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