Riot Games has brought in $10 million for its Social Impact Fund so far

Riot Games has brought in $10 million for its Social Impact Fund so far

Riot Games' Social Impact Fund has raised $10 million so far.

As announced in its 2019 report, so far the initiative has supported 50 non-profits organisations across 15 countries. Furthermore, $8 million has been provided in grants and funding.

The Social Impact Fund was announced in October 2019 as part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations for League of Legends. Through December and January, the American firm had a special skin on sale – Dawnbreaker Karma – in its MOBA.

Overall, $6 million was raised and distributed to various non-profits worldwide as voted for by players. Riot Games also supported local charities in Los Angeles earlier this year to fight against the coronavirus.

"This is a unique philanthropic venture fund, which is a separate entity from Riot Games, the game developer and publisher," said Riot Games head of corporate social responsibility Jeffrey Burrell.

"We also teased our 1000th skin and next in-game charity fundraising skin, Dawnbringer Karma. Thanks to the incredible support of the League of Legends community, they raised $6 million to support high-impact non-profits in their local regions."

Burrell continued: "Making a positive impact is, and always has been, part of our DNA. As we work hard to launch our new games in 2020, we will also be sure to update the community with the progress we're making so far across our pillars of Education, Opportunity, and Citizenship."

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