ESL and DreamHack sign exclusivity deal with Twitch

ESL and DreamHack sign exclusivity deal with Twitch

Esports firm ESL and digital festival DreamHack have signed a three year deal with streaming platform Twitch.

In 2021 and 2022, esports events held by the ESL and DreamHack will be live-streamed exclusively to the streaming platform. Furthermore, the agreement has cemented Twitch as the companies non-exclusive digital partner this year.

Exclusive competitions over the next two years include the ESL Pro League's ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, DreamHack Open and the ESL National Championships. These events cover CS:GO, StarCraft II and Warcraft III.

"ESL and Twitch have been key players in the history of esports as we know it," said Twitch's SVP of alliances and corporate development Benjamin Vallat.

"The continuation of our partnership will strengthen not only the content offerings for fans, but also the greater esports community that ESL, Dreamhack, and Twitch have cultivated over the years."

ESL senior vice president for global media Frank Uddo added: "Live-streaming esports has belonged to Twitch in recent years. As we continue to host some of the world's largest esports tournaments, it feels only natural to work even closer with Twitch to provide the best gaming experience for fans, as well as safeguard the future of the esports industry."

DreamHack Co-CEO Roger Lodewick concluded: "This partnership is a milestone for DreamHack, both as a company and community.

"Our cooperation with Twitch dates back to 2009 when it was still — this new collective media partnership is re-confirming our long-standing collaboration and highlights the importance and relevance Twitch has to our community, as well as the value the ESL/DreamHack esports content brings to the global Twitch audience."

In January, Modern Times Group – ESL and DreamHack's parent firm – signed a three-year esports deal with Blizzard.

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