Destiny 2 sees an increase in cheaters

Destiny 2 sees an increase in cheaters

Destiny 2 has experienced a 50 per cent increase in cheating since January.

As revealed in This Week At Bungie, Destiny engineer David Aldridge claimed there was "significantly more in the highest skill echelons." The majority of cheaters have been appearing on PC.

"We expected a significant bump with the return of Trials, and we made a number of careful preparations, most notably partnering with Valve to integrate Steam Datagram Relay into our PC build to mitigate DDOS attacks," said Aldridge.

"While many of those preparations were successful (e.g. DDOSing on PC is nearly extinct), we're still not happy with the amount of cheating happening today, especially in Trials."

Before the Season of the Worthy was launched, 656 bans on average were handed out weekly. However, that number has since risen to 2133.

He went on to say that the company will continue to look into detection and precautions to bring the numbers down.

"We designed Destiny's model to optimize for the feel and consistency of high-complexity, high-action, high-fidelity PvE experiences while allowing the seamless blending of PvE and PvP. Unfortunately, that model comes with some unique challenges in providing PvP security guarantees.

"That said, we continue to invest in preventions and detections in this space, leveraging the servers that host and monitor every match. This is a subtle point we've struggled to convey over the years: we do have servers hosting every match, but in our hosting model, those servers don't have complete authority over the game simulation to prevent all of these sorts of attacks naturally. This makes it more difficult (but not impossible) to mitigate these attacks."

To better combat the rise in cheating, Bungie will move more staff to work on the anti-cheat systems. As of now, if you are in a fireteam with a cheat, you will also be held accountable. Higher playtime may be needed to get access to trials.

"We're also re-evaluating some of our decisions along the way – for example, we may have made a mistake in not having Trials behind the Season Pass paywall, which would have created more friction against free-account-recycling cheaters," said Aldridge.

"We won't change this for Season of the Worthy, but we'll re-evaluate access requirements in future Seasons."

In December 2019, Bungie made it clear that its focus is still on Destiny 2 rather than a sequel.

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