PGC Digital: You Are Not Alone is a new event to bring the industry together

PGC Digital: You Are Not Alone is a new event to bring the industry together

Events are an essential part of the games industry. The COVID-19 outbreak has wreaked havoc across the industry. As such, a new event will take place to bring people together during this difficult time.

As discussed by Edge CEO and founder Adam Whyte in his talk 'YANA – You Are Not Alone, The Largest Ever Mass Online Gaming Event' at Pocket Gamer Connects.

Whyte has created a new campaign dubbed You Are Not Alone.

"To let people know you are not alone on May 2nd we are seeking to bring together 20 million gamers across different titles," said Whyte.

The wide variety of games that will be used include Apex Legends, Just Dance, Fifa 2020, Division 2, Uno, Fortnite, F1.

Join in

Whyte claimed that the campaign is working with over 75 influencer agencies around the world. A range of people will take part in the event such as influencers, athletes, pro players, celebrities and gamers with all skill sets.

YANA will be live-streamed on various platforms. Global content creators will stream and host events – at both esports and casual levels to involve everyone. It supports the #playaparttogether campaign and will take place on May 2nd from 12pm to 12am BST.

All proceeds generated by the event will go towards COVID-19 relief efforts. If you want to help support YANA, then you can promote and follow the campaign on social media and register to take part.

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